Catcuda Fencing

Clarendon County Dueling Academy


The Clarendon County Dueling Academy began meeting in January of 2017.  Despite the fact that no one had ever picked up an epee (our weapon of choice)  before, our students have gone on to compete and medal in state tournaments and qualify for national events.  


Join Us

 Join our USA Fencing Member Club. We meet at the gymnasium of Emmanuel Baptist Church on Monday and Thursday from 7:00 pm -9:00 pm.  We welcome children aged 10 - adult.   

We are an Epee Only Club.



$30/month/member for lessons on Thursday ONLY

$60/month/member for BOTH Monday and Thursday lessons.

Monday night is our Focused Free Fencing. There are no lessons on this night, just bouting with a focused skill in mind. It is highly recommended that you attend both classes per week. 

You must also become, at the very least, a non-competive member of USA Fencing, which is $10/year.

First Time Fencers

Your first lesson is FREE!

First Time Fencer Requirements:

Please contact us first.  We may have used safety equipment you can borrow.  

Wear long pants, socks, tennis shoes and long sleeves.

If we do not have safety equipment you can borrow your participation in blade work will be limited to observation.

You will be required to sign  a club waiver and a waiver from Emmanuel Baptist Church


"In fencing, weight and strength mean nothing... The fencer need only know when, how and where he must thrust his blade."  

— Aldo Nadi