Monday nights at 7 pm we have Focused Free Fencing. Our students take turns bouting while keeping a particular focus in mind. This is great night to observe. It’s uninterrupted sword play until 9pm.

On Thursday nights (also from 7 pm to 9 pm), Coach Patrick Lausi takes our students through footwork and blade drills.


The Class Structure

We begin each class with basic conditioning exercises.  Believe it or not, fencing is a very physically demanding sport. After conditioning, we begin with foot work and then continue on into blade work.  We end each class with bouting...everyone's favorite part of the evening. We currently have one electric strip, but hope to add more in the future.

 Required Equipment

All students must have the following items to participate fully in a class. 

  • Mask

  • Underarm protector (plastron)

  • Chest protector

  • Fencing jacket

  • Glove

  • Practice blade,epee

  • Long pants, tennis shoes and knee high socks (soccer socks work great)

Optional Equipment

The following equipment is not required to begin, but if you want to compete in tournaments you will need these items. Additionally, we have found that students want to be fully outfitted sooner rather than later.

  • Electric blade, epee

  • Body Cord

  • Knickers

Used Equipment 

Entry level fencing gear is generally not much more expensive than the entry level expense of most sports, but our students have all grown during the last two years.  Please check with us.  We may have some used equipment for sale at a discounted rate.  


Where to Buy Equipment

We have found that Absolute Fencing is the most affordable source for fencing gear.  

Click here for a standard epee starter set.  This set does not include knickers or an electric weapon.

Click here for a deluxe epee starter set. This set includes knickers and an electric weapon.

The sizing of fencing gear can be confusing, please feel free to contact us for advice. 


While South Carolina has a rather small fencing community there are clubs in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville.  There  are also clubs in Charlotte and Augusta.  These clubs host tournaments frequently throughout the year.  There are a few collegiate tournaments as well. In order to participate in a tournament you need only the proper equipment and in most cases a competitive membership to USA Fencing.  The most common events are Mixed Epee(mixed ages and adult), Y14 (birth years 2003-2006) and Y10 (birth years 2007-2010).


More on Tournaments

We encourage our students to jump into the tournament experience as soon as possible.  Tournament participation has been a great learning experience for our students.  We have found the SC Fencing community at large to be warm, inviting, and encouraging to beginners.

Clarendon County Dueling Academy hopes to begin hosting tournaments locally this year. 

To see a listing of tournaments across the state and country, click here.

What is a CatCuDA?

Our mascot is a catcuda, which is a cross between a catfish and a barracuda. During the course of the last couple of years, our students invented this creature and became hooked on the idea of it being our mascot.  It just turned out that the letters and their order worked out perfectly for the Clarendon County Dueling Academy (CCDA).