Why Fencing?


  • Fencing is a life long sport and you do not have to start when you are 3 or 4 to be competitive.

  • Fencing is a sport that is open to people of different body shapes and sizes. 

  • Fencing is an Olympic sport.

  • SC Fencing is a small community with an active tournament season and provides opportunities to participate in national level tournaments. 

  • Fencing is safe. With proper equipment, the US Olympic committee ranks the safety of fencing between synchronized swimming and badminton. 

  • Fencing is physically demanding without tearing down the body. 

  • Fencing is mentally demanding.  It has been compared to chess in regards to its mental game.

  • Fencing is a common Title Nine sport.

  • Fencing looks great on college applications.

  • Fencing is loads of fun.

  • Fencing is sword fighting with friends.


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